Sunday, October 12, 2014

Chicago Marathon 2014

  After some post-race contemplation I am convinced I have found the right word to describe running a marathon: humbling.  When one's legs are crying out for mercy after 3 hours of running and yet the will to continue on is ever present, that is humbling.  When one runs through 20 neighborhoods throughout the city of Chicago with tens of thousand of spectators all cheering you on, that is humbling.  When one stands below the immense skyline of Chicago surrounded by 45,000 runners and hear the national anthem sung, that is humbling.  When one gets to be a part of raising tens of thousands of dollars to support their alma mater and its fitness center, that is humbling. When one passes that finish line, and has run the race with perseverance, that is humbling.  You get the idea...

   I share this blog for a variety of reasons.  For many of my readers I want to tell the story and share the joys of my experience.  I also wish to capture the details of the race itself and the things I learned from running my first marathon.  Most of the pictures you see were taken by my father and likely have nothing to do with me.  I include them to add some color and sights from the race here.  I had thoughts of taking pictures during the race but pulling my phone out and doing so just didn't happen.

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