Friday, February 26, 2021

Seeing More Clearly

  [Originally published in the Monroe News on February 26, 2021]

Are you tired of these bitterly cold temperatures?  In this past week we have at least seen the mercury rise above freezing again. I’ve witnessed the icicles on gutters begin to fall and the snow piles turning into large puddles.  Even the early morning temperatures are up out of the single digits and closer to something a little more tolerable.

As most people rejoice at the diminishing snow I’m one of the outliers that has been living up our recent winter weather.  I love big snow storms.  I even enjoy the bitter cold (at least for awhile).  I’ve been keeping up my Saturday morning routine of getting out for a long run and the sometimes sub-zero wind chills haven’t chased me inside.  In fact, one particular Saturday a few weeks back provided me with a great illustration I shared with my congregation and I share with you today.

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