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Run Rabbit Run 50 Ultra

What an adventure. Eleven months of planning, preparation, and training led to an elating and exhausting experience at the Run Rabbit Run 50 of 2019. In many ways this feels like the culmination of several years worth of training and pushing myself into increasingly harder and harder challenges. I set out to see how far I could go, and at least for the moment, I've found a satisfying answer to the question.

I'm going to break this report down into several sections. Some of you may wish to read just about the race itself and learn a little about the course without being bogged down in too much of my own personal story. If you're this person go to the "Race Notes". Those of you that know me may enjoy reading the personal story and thoughts in the other sections. It is my goal in this to recap my experience for my own recollections down the road. I also wish to share this experience with others who may be looking to either understand it or perhaps attempt some…

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