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Lake Charlevoix Kayaking Loop

Lake Charlevoix Kayaking Loop
Kayaking from Young State Park on a southern loop to Boyne City and back.
Distance: 7.02 mi. (my Forerunner 230)
Start Time: 3:28pm
End Time: 6:28pm

Trip Report:
I was up in the Boyne City area during my annual Pastor's Conference and had brought my inflatable kayak along this year to get in some paddling. The weather, in terms of temperature, was going to cooperate wonderfully. Temps were in the 60's today and quite comfortable for outdoor activity. I had originally looked at something very simple like Deer Lake which is right next to Boyne Mountain Resort. It would be roughly a 3.5 mile loop around the lake and pretty straightforward. As it came to it I felt like I wanted more. I figured Lake Charlevoix would offer that. And its a big lake, Michigan's 3rd largest, not counting the Great Lakes. The question would be where to find a public access point to put in my boat. I've come to realize that Michigan's wonderful State Park syst…

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