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Humpback Rocks (Blue Ridge Parkway)

Humpback Rocks (Blue Ridge Parkway)
Humpback Rocks Trail to summit, descent on Appalachian Trail

Trailhead Elevation: 2,371 ft. Humpback Rocks Elevation: 3,117 ft. High Elevation: 3,250 ft.
Distance: 4.00 mi.
Elevation Gain: 1,141 ft.
Start Time: 7:04am
End Time: 8:11am

Trip Report:
This hike didn't show up in our original plans for Shenandoah National Park and neither is it in the park. However some local searching for other trails for a morning trail run quickly turned this up as a great option. Its not so much a hidden gem as it appears it is a quite well used trail by locals and others alike. I was glad to have found it and given it a try this morning.

I wanted to get this in before the rest of my group was waking up and starting to take down camp. Today was our get-away day to drive home. I made it to the easy to find trail ahead around 7am and found a dozen cars there already. The parking was 3/4 full. I can see how this would be overcrowded at midday. There is an obvious trail …

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