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Middlesex Fells - Boston

Middlesex Fells-Boston
Skyline Trail -> Silver Mine Path -> Middle Road - Skyline Trail
Distance: 3.63 mi.
Elevation Gain: 341 ft.
Start Time: 7:07am
End Time: 8:01am

Trip Report:
The Middlesex Fells Reservation north of Boston is a treasure trove of trails that all Boston-ites should consider themselves lucky to have. As a guest, I also found it wonderfully easy to access and enjoy. I did a minimal amount of research on the trails, stumbling upon the Skyline Trail first of all to get an understanding of what I might want to do. There are also a number parking lots providing immediate access to the trails. I opted to park on the very southeast side to gain quick access to the Skyline Trail.
From my parking I had a quick jaunt up one of the doubletrack roads until I accessed the well marked Skyline Trail with the white blazes. There were also signs at major intersections. I was immediately surprised how rocky the trail was. This would continue to be a theme for my morning run. …

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