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Crosswinds Marsh

A World Series for the Generations

Jordan Valley Pathway

Pikes Peak Marathon 2016

Mt. Evans from Summit Lake

La Plata Peak Aug 2016

Poto Trail-run and Blind Lake Camping (Jul. '16)

Waterloo DTE Trail-run

Indiana Dunes, Trail-running 8, 9, 10

Porcupine Mountains: Escarpment Trail

Porcupine Mountains: Overlook Trail

Porcupine Mountains: Summit Peak to Lake of the Clouds Overlook via Mirror Lake

McLain State Park and Bear Lake Trail Run

Isle Royale: Daisy Farm Camp to Rock Harbor

Isle Royale: Three Mile Camp to Daisy Farm Camp via Greenstone Ridge

Isle Royale: Rock Harbor to Three Mile Camp via Tobin Harbor

Isle Royale: Stoll Trail + Scoville Point

Pictured Rocks Cruise (Jun 2016)

Tahquamenon Falls River Trail Family Hike (There and back again...)

Tahquamenon Falls River + Lower Falls Loop Trail Run

Wilderness SP Red Pine & Nebo Trail Run

Highland Loops Trail Race 2016

Pinckney Trail Half Marathon Race 2016

Island Lake Yellow Loop

"Winter" La Plata Peak Climb

Snowshoeing Hoosier Pass West

"Leave the Mountain with Jesus"