Monday, June 22, 2020

Talking about Race

[Originally published in the Monroe News on June 19, 2020]

When our kids ask us about what is going on in the world today, what are we going to say to them? How will we explain it from the perspective of our Christian faith? A couple weeks ago you probably would have thought I'm talking about a viral pandemic. But not today. I'm talking about racism, protests, violence, hatred. I can't bear to scroll another second through a social media feed to take in the images and the twisted stories and takes of what is taking place around us.  I’m tired of police officers like the one in Minnesota who give other faithful-serving public servants a bad name.  I’m tired of individuals who don’t see the harm in destroying other community members' property as the participants of the riots have done.  I’m tired of inequality and hate continuing to exist in our nation and in our society.  Maybe I’m just tired of being tired.

So what can we say?  What should I say to my kids or to my friends or to my congregation about how to react to all of this?  What is the good word?

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