Thursday, June 27, 2019

Antero Reservoir Kayaking

Elevation: 8,947 ft.
Distance: 1.80 mi. 
Start Time: 3:49pm
End Time: 5:09pm

Trip Report:
We weren't sure what to expect for our first time at Antero Reservoir. I had done a minimal amount of research to understand rules and regulations and that all seemed in order. We had also done a weather check this afternoon and found no storms, just wind. We were curious to see what views would be like and what else we might find. Overall, we were very impressed. Great boat ramps and a nice campground made for a beautiful place to spend time and have outdoor recreation.

We used one of the small boat ramps at the south shore and decided to just have some fun. We spotted the nearby shallow island as we set out and decided that would be perfect for exploration. We spent most of our time around it watching the animals and taking in the scenery. I'll let the photos tell the whole story.

Driving up to the south shore area of the Reservoir

My father relaxing near the shallow island

The strong winds (15-20mph) created some whitecaps and bounce but nothing overwhelming.

Family of four, couldn't tell if they were storks or a type of pelican

Buffalo Peaks in the background

Took this from the water on the west side of the shallow island. Lots of geese enjoying
the grasses on the island. Incredible mountain views here

At least four 14ers and a couple of 13ers in view


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