Friday, December 17, 2021

The Women of Advent

[Originally published in the Monroe News on December 17, 2021]

Most Christians around the world are in the midst of the beloved season of Advent.  This season takes its peculiar name from the Latin word adventus meaning arrival or coming.  Christians take a focus upon two particular themes during this season of Advent.  The first being regular worship in preparation for the arrival/coming of our Savior Jesus.  The second being preparation for this arrival through a focus upon repenting of our sins that our hearts be made ready for the Savior.

Throughout this season we sing wonderful Advent-themed hymns that are long cherished by the Church.  We gather for extra midweek worship services to assist our focus during this season.  We hear of the great works of John the Baptist, the long foretold prophet who “prepared the way of the Lord” when Jesus’ public ministry was about to begin in the 1st century AD.  We light the candles of Advent wreaths to remind us of themes like hope, peace, joy and love in our progression through this season.

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