Sunday, June 30, 2019

Mt. Hope

From Sheep Gulch Trailhead
Trailhead Elevation: 9,893 ft.
Hope Pass Elevation: 12,508 ft.
Mt. Hope Elevation: 13,933 ft.
Distance: 7.21 mi.
Elevation Gain: 4,013 ft.
Start Time: 6:11am
End Time: 11:35am

Trip Report:
We left the Sheep Gulch trailhead at 6:11am. My brother and I were the only vehicle there and at first the only hikers on trail. Having done all the Sawatch 14ers and looking at all hiking options for this June 2019, especially with the large amounts of lingering snow, we found Mount Hope to fit almost everything we were looking for. It was close and an easy drive from our base in Buena Vista. It had good distance and elevation gain. It had a mild amount of scrambling to get into some fun terrain. And quite frankly, its only an immaterial 70 too short to be a 14er, otherwise it would have all the attention the other 58 in the state are getting. In a way, I'm pleased it fell short, as it meant we had a delightfully quiet hike for just the two of us for most of the morning.

Saturday, June 29, 2019

West + East Buffalo Peaks

From the Fourmile Creek Trailhead
Trailhead Elevation: 9,465 ft.
Fourmile Pass Elevation: 11,430 ft.
West Buffalo Peak Elevation: 13,326 ft. 
East Buffalo Peak Elevation: 13,300 ft.
Distance: 14.95 mi. 
Elevation Gain: 4,962 ft.
Start Time: 6:22am
End Time: 3:40pm

Trip Report:
With so many visits in hand to Buena Vista, it seems it was only a matter of time until we finally decided to have an adventure with the Buffalo Peaks. They sit prominently in view for everyone passing through BV as well as those driving around South Park. I think one of the big hangups that had kept us away up to this point was simply picking a route we would like to work for the summits. There really is no established trail to either summit but there are some basic routes that get you close.

Friday, June 28, 2019

Mt. Antero + Mt. White via Little Brown's Creek

Mt. Antero + Mt. White
Brown's Creek Trail to Colorado Trail to Little Brown's Creek Trail
Trailhead Elevation: 8,914 ft.
Mt. Antero Elevation: 14,269 ft.
Mt. White Elevation: 13,667 ft.
Distance: 17.34 mi.
Elevation Gain: 6,165 ft.
Start Time: 5:35am
End Time: 2:11pm

Trip Report:
In 1993, Mount Antero became the fifth 14er I climbed. I was a young teenager and hiking to the tops of mountains was still very new to me, but it was quickly becoming something I enjoyed. My main recollection of that hike from 26 years ago was riding in my uncle's jeep to around 13,000 feet and thinking how nice it was to shorten this otherwise long hike. A small part of me felt like it was cheating a bit, but then I was only 13 and the thought of hiking 16-17 miles was out of the question.

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Antero Reservoir Kayaking

Elevation: 8,947 ft.
Distance: 1.80 mi. 
Start Time: 3:49pm
End Time: 5:09pm

Trip Report:
We weren't sure what to expect for our first time at Antero Reservoir. I had done a minimal amount of research to understand rules and regulations and that all seemed in order. We had also done a weather check this afternoon and found no storms, just wind. We were curious to see what views would be like and what else we might find. Overall, we were very impressed. Great boat ramps and a nice campground made for a beautiful place to spend time and have outdoor recreation.

Colorado Trail - Three Elk to Silver Creek

Colorado Trail - Three Elk to Silver Creek
Three Elk TH to Bunnys Trail to Colorado Trail to Silver Creek TH

Start Elevation: 8,829 ft.
High Point: 10,745 ft. (CT / Bunnys Trail Jct)
Harvard Lakes Elevation: 10,243 ft.
Silver Creek TH Elevation: 9,435 ft.
Distance: 6.76 mi.
Elevation Gain: 2,031 ft.
Elevation Loss: 1,367 ft.
Start Time: 8:43am
End Time: 12:29pm

Trip Report:
June 2019 hiking in Colorado has been like nothing I've seen out there before. As I began my research and my brainstorming of fun options I started with the hope the "skies the limit". The massive, well above average, snow of winter 2019 in Colorado changed these plans and lofty ideas quickly. Aspirations of hiking Frenchman's Creek up and over Harvard or the Halo Ridge route on Holy Cross quickly went out the window with reports of those basins still being buried in spring snow.

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