Friday, March 24, 2023

The Hospital for Sinners

[Originally published in the Monroe News on March 24, 2023]

Just recently I found myself at the hospital on a Saturday afternoon making a visit to one of the members of my congregation.  This was a fairly typical thing for me so I wasn’t expecting to notice anything out of the ordinary.  Nonetheless, I was struck by something as I wandered the halls of the hospital that Saturday.  I was surprised at how many sick people were in that hospital.  It was as if the hospital had open doors and sick people could just wander in and seek help.  I mean every floor of the hospital was full of people recovering from a myriad of illnesses and diseases.  What a place!

Ok, I hope you can sense I’m being a little facetious in this surprise.  It is with good intent.  One might point out the obvious here that one should expect the hospital to be full of sick and ill individuals.  That is the very purpose of the hospital to provide a place of healing and recovery for those who are not well in the body.  This we all know.  But I have also come to learn in life that we can’t always expect the obvious to be, well, obvious.

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