Saturday, November 18, 2023

Honor Matters

[Originally published in the Monroe News on November 17, 2023]

Last weekend we celebrated Veteran’s Day.  It is a very appropriate and honorable holiday for a group of people in our nation who are rightly remembered and celebrated.  I give thanks every Veteran’s Day for all who have faithfully served our nation giving of themselves, and in some cases their very lives, to protect and defend our liberty and our nation.  This rings true especially in my family as I have many relatives who are veterans, including two grandfathers, and more relatives who are currently serving including a brother.  

I hope that our nation will always continue to celebrate Veterans Day as well as other similar holidays like Memorial Day and Armed Forces day.  I believe this because I believe honor matters.  We celebrate these holidays and the men and women they represent because we should give them honor.  They have made sacrifices, some big, some small, for the rest of us who regularly benefit from them.  They have put themselves in harm’s way and they have spent much time away from family for the sake of others.  This deserves to be honored.  Honor matters.

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