Friday, June 10, 2022

Consistency and the Unfailing Word

[Originally published in the Monroe News on June 10, 2022]

My family has been in the thick of running season for many months now.  My oldest son Luke has been running high school track and he runs various hurdle events and relays.  My third-son Seth has been running training on his own for the fun and the exercise of it.  I myself have been training for an ultra race in the beautiful town of Marquette in the U.P.  We’ve all been keeping busy tallying up the miles.

At the heart of our running training is the word consistency.  Ask a coach one of the most important factors of improving in your training and you’ll hear the word consistency.  It is hard to improve your craft, be it running or other physical activity, if you have a start-stop method to your training.  Running a couple days one week and then taking a few weeks off won’t amount to anything.  I’ve learned this the hard way when I miss a month or two due to a surgery and then upon return find out just how out of shape I am.

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