Monday, January 31, 2022

True Fixer Upper Love

[Originally published in the Monroe News on May 26, 2023]

My nearly 3-year old daughter is already in that Frozen movie phase where she has fallen in love with Elsa and Anna.  When we get in the car its “Daddy, turn on Elsa songs”.  When we turn on the TV its “Daddy, Elsa shows”.  I’m fairly certain we’ve watched every bit of content Disney+ has to offer regarding Elsa and Anna.  She loves it.   Me?  Well let’s just say there’s only so many times you can hear a particular kid’s song or watch a show before you get a little tired of it.  Or worse, the song is forever etched in your consciousness playing on replay throughout your work day.

There is one song though, whose words actually strike a really interesting chord with me, perhaps you might like it too.  At a critical moment in the first Frozen movie, Anna and Kristoff seek the help of Kristoff’s troll friends who can help save Anna.  Their bid for help moves into a musical number called “Fixer Upper”.  The song delves into the topic of true love.  Its actually pretty good.  The first half of the song the trolls sing of the faults and foibles of Kristoff.  Here’s an example:
So he’s a bit of a fixer upper
But this we’re certain of
You can fix this fixer upper up
With a little bit of love!

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