Friday, April 9, 2021

Quandary Peak Winter 2021

Quandary Peak East Ridge Trail
Trailhead Elevation: 10,850 ft.
Summit Elevation: 14,265 ft.
Distance: 7.51 mi. (my Forerunner 235)
Elevation Gain: 3,435 ft. (my Forerunner 235)
Start Time: 7:30am
End Time: 3:35pm

Trip Report:
We picked a beautiful, ultimately blue-bird day to seek the summit of Quandary. During our drive through South Park and up to Hoosier Pass though we weren't so sure if would turn out like this. Clouds had the Mosquito Range and southern Tenmiles socked in as we drove on approach. Over Hoosier Pass there was a fresh half inch of snow on the roadway and we saw multiple cars losing traction. We were just glad to safely make the trailhead to start our day.

Faith over Fear

[Originally published in the Monroe News on April 9, 2021]

As you well know, this past Sunday was Easter.  For many Christians this year’s edition of this beloved holiday was even more joyful than usual.  Last year almost everyone was stuck at home due to the beginning of the pandemic and most all Easter services were being pre-recorded with empty churches to be broadcast over the internet.  To gather again in person this year, albeit with many precautions still in place, brought tears to many eyes and rightfully so.

One word I brought up and focused upon in my Easter message this year was the word fear.  Not exactly the first word that comes to mind when you think about the resurrection of the Savior of the world.  Yet fear was absolutely a part of the Easter story.  The women who first came to the tomb of Jesus to anoint his body are described in the Gospels as being alarmed and fearful at what they encountered.  They expected the worst.  They feared the many unknowns before them.  They were alarmed at encountering many things, including an angel and an empty tomb, that were very much unexpected.

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