Friday, August 4, 2000

Holy Cross-Seven Sisters Lakes (7/31-8/4/00)

Trail: Fall Creek Pass Trail to the Seven Sisters Lakes
Trailhead: Half Moon Trailhead
TH Elevation: 10,356ft.
Trip Mileage Total: ~22 miles


This backpacking trip was from July 31 to August 4 in 2000. We spent the time in the Holy Cross Wilderness centered around the Seven Sisters Lakes. In the middle of the trip we hiked Mt. of the Holy Cross.

This trip actually got started on Sunday July 30. We made the drive to Halfmoon Campground and setup camp there the first night to get an early start on trail the next day. We had an evening feast by the car of beef and onions. Our first trail day then was Monday, July 31, We were on the trail by 9:30am with day 1's goal of arriving at camp 1 at the Seven Sisters Lakes. We hit Lake Constantine around noon and this was already about 4 miles and 1000 feet elevation. The highpoint of today's hike would be going over Fall Creek Pass at 12,580 ft which we hit around 4:30pm. After the pass we were in the Seven Sisters Basin where we hit camp within a half mile at the larger lake at 12,150. This day's hiking involved a 6.2 mile hike in with full packs including a total of 2900 feet elevation gain.
Map of Today's Hiking

The second day, August 1st was our sit back and relax and enjoy the backcountry day. We spent most of the morning at camp and didn't head out to explore the lakes til after 11:00am. From camp it was a quick 15 minute hike up to the first Lake at 12,220. We spent some time exploring there and then worked on the 45 minute hike up to Lake 12,750. It was there the fishers in our group got some great fishing in. While we were up at the high Lake we scouted out our route for tomorrow's ascent to Holy Cross. This was one of our favorite campsites of all time with the beautiful views and plentiful lakes nearby. We even caught some fish to be cooked for supper. It was great.
Map of Today's hiking

The third day, August 2nd we headed out early for Mt. of the Holy Cross. That full Trip Report is found following:

Mt. of the Holy Cross Trip Report

After we successful hiked Holy Cross we spent the latter half of the day resting and getting some more fishing in. We were back at camp by around 5pm. We had chicken and rice as well as turkey teriyaki from our freeze-dried collections.
Map of Today's hiking

 The fourth day, August 3rd, we had another relaxing morning and enjoyed our last moments at the Seven Sisters Lake. The rest of the day we spent hiking back up and over Fall Creek Pass and on down to Lake Constantine to try the sights and fishing there. We setup camp there at the Lake making ready for head all the way out tomorrow.
Map of Today's hiking

The fifth day, our last day, August 4th, we made the easy hike out. We had contemplated in the morning making a hike up Notch Mountain but decided it wasn't in the plans for us. Today's mileage was just less than 4 miles back to the Halfmoon Creek Trailhead. It was quite the enjoyable trip and our first backpacking trip to include a 14er summit.

Map of Today's hiking


I've approximate our tracks from this hike as well as significant waypoints and have put this information into a KML file. That file is available for download:

My Tracks


All my photos are below:

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