Friday, September 4, 2009

Beach Loop Trail (Warren Dunes State Park) (9/4/09)

Route Name: Beach Loop Trail
Location: Warren Dunes State Park, Michigan
Start Elevation: 651 ft.
Max Elevation: 737 ft.
End Elevation: 585 ft.
Round-trip Mileage: 3.08 mi


We began this hike again near our campsite. We headed to the RV camping loop and picked up the forest trails near where we started on the Mt. Randall Trail. Only this time we turned right (northeast) and headed the other direction. The trail begins with a mile hike through the edges of the forest.

After the first mile of our hike we began to gain some elevation over one of the hills. After the first hill the trail drops and turns towards the beach. The trail will then head over a second, smaller hump, and then begins to open up with views of Lake Michigan. It also descends down to the beach itself. At this point it was a simple 1.1 mile hike along the beach.

Just Mark and Denny did this hike and upon hitting the end of our hike at the main beach area we met up with the others for some fun time with the kids in the sand and the lake.


Here is the track file from our hike:

My Track

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