Friday, September 4, 2009

Mt. Randall Trail (Warren Dunes State Park) (9/4/09)

Route Name: Mt. Randall Trail
Location: Warren Dunes State Park, Michigan
Start Elevation: 649 ft.
Mt. Randall Elevation: 783 ft.
Round-trip Mileage: 0.98 mi


This is one of our favorite short hikes at Warren Dunes State Park. The route this day took us from our campsite in the tent-camping area up and over Mt. Randall on the trail and then down to the lake shore. This hike included Mark, Denny, and Luke and Jonah.

The official trail begins just off of the RV camping loop and meanders through the forest for a 1/10 of a mile and then up a 150 foot sand hill. This is definitely the highlight of the hike. The sand is very loose and with every step one takes up the hill they lose nearly all of it in sliding. (Going down is much more fun as one can practically run and jump down in about 20 seconds).

After ascending Mt. Randall then it is a flatter hike through a few sand hills and then the descent down to the beach. Most of this hike is on sand with a few portions partly covered by thin vegetation.


Here is the track file from our hike:

My Track


The bottom of the great sand dune climb. Jonah and Luke are ready to head up

At the bottom looking up most of the hill

Nearing the top now. Looks like Luke has stumbled into the sand ahead

At the top of Mt. Randall checking out the lush forest

On top Mt. Randall checking out the remaining hike to the beach

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