Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Hall of Mosses Trail (Olympic NP) (5/20/08)

Route Name: Hall of Mosses Trail
Location: Olympic National Park
Trailhead Elevation: 595 ft.
Trail High Point: 753 ft.
Round-trip Mileage: 1.03 mi.


We flew into Seattle this morning and it was raining hard coming out of the airport. The rains slowed as we made our way west out of the city and onto the Olympic Peninsula. It was a beautiful drive as the landscape became more lush in green. The rains came and went. We made it up to Port Angeles and the Olympic NP visitor center around 2pm. It was rainy and foggy and unfortunately the guide their told us it wasn't worth driving up to Hurricane Ridge. I was still tempted to go but they said it was spitting snow flurries up there and they showed us a webcam from up there and you couldn't see anything because of the fog and weather.

So we drove to the west end of the park and visited the Hoh Rain Forest. It was really very neat. We did the Hall of Mosses trail and saw so many moss covered trees, evergreens and maples. The trail is mostly one big loop taking you up the hillside a little bit and giving a variety of different plants and types of trees.


I did not keep a GPX track of my own from this hike. Embedded in the Google Map below then is a generic GPX track giving an idea of where this trail is and what it looks like:


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