Saturday, May 24, 2008

Simpson-Reed Grove Trail (Redwoods NP) (5/24/08)

We stayed in Crescent City the night before visiting the Redwoods. Its a great little town on the Pacific coast. We tried to begin the day by visiting the main Park Headquarters in Crescent city but they did not open till 9am. So we decided to trek north along US-199. We came in last night from Oregon along this road in the dark and still remember seeing the humongous trees along the road. It was along US-199 that we made our first Redwoods stop of the day at the Simpson-Reed Grove. There we hopped on the trail which was a 3/4 mile loop through this amazing grove. We were awed by the Redwoods and taking lots of pictures. It was amazing to see many of them had been burned by fire but still stood strong. Apparently their bark is almost a foot thick and somewhat fire resistant.

This trail would give us a foretaste of all that was to come for our trip through the Redwoods National Park. From here we continued on to the information center at Hiouchi. They gave us suggestions on the great things to do for the day including the Howland Hill Road where we saw the Stout Grove, another amazing grove of these giant trees.


I did not get a track file of my own from this hike. I have made a KML file of the approximate look of the hike and that is embedded here in Google Maps:


Here are the photos we took on this hike. The views of these amazing trees were nothing short of incredible.

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